RV A962 Belgica

Status Operating
Main activity Multiple activities
Operating area Atlantic Ocean; North Sea; Atlantic coasts
Country Belgium
ICES code 11BE
NODC code 11BE
Call sign ORGQ
Year built 1984
Homeport Zeebrugge
Length 50.90 m
Avail. for charter No
Last update 06.04.2016

Time position n/a

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Owner Belgian Federal State - Responsibility of Belgian Science Policy
Operator Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences - Operational Directorate Natural Environment
Address Bootsman Jonsen, 3de en 23ste Linieregimentsplein
8400 Ostend
Fax + 32 (0)59 70 49 35
Website http://odnature.naturalsciences.be/belgica
Observations --

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